5 Money-Saving Tips For Auto Glass Repair

A cracked or chipped windshield can not only hinder your driving, but it can result in fines if you are operating the hazardous vehicle on the road. Replacing or repairing the windows on your car can be a huge investment. Instead of paying for everything at full cost, there are plenty of ways to save money and get the best deals possible.

The next time you need to auto glass service, consider the following five money-saving tips that will make the costs a lot easier to handle.

Free Estimates

When you are in a bind, there's no need to rush and get the first glass service you can find. Things will go a lost easier if you take your time to find the best deal. Have your year, make, and model ready when calling a glass business. This will help them process the service and give you a free estimate. With this estimate you can compare costs and choose the most affordable service.

Sometimes the estimates can change whether you're getting emergency service or if you have an appointment during regular hours. Consult about the possible differences for your repair needs.

Windshield Warranties

Many auto glass manufacturers and repair companies offer warranties on the windshield installation. If you have warranty coverage on your windshield, check into the company or manufacturer to see what is covered. Typically, a windshield warranty will only cover natural problems or defects like loose windshields, air leaks, or liquid leaks. These problems will normally occur around the edges of the windshield.

Check your vehicle's documentation before ordering a new windshield if you feel you are eligible for a warranty. There is typically a specific service procedure that needs to be followed before ordering the replacement. If you do not follow the procedure, then the replacement cost may not be covered.

Chip Repair Service Deductions

One of the more common services for windshields is chip repair. Small chips can easily spread and cause bigger problems. A quick repair fills in the cracks and makes the windshield look brand new again. After investing in a chip repair, it can be a huge hassle and waste of money to completely replace the windshield a short time later.

This is why many auto glass companies offer service deductions if you paid for chip repair and then ended up needed a full windshield replacement. This is a good way to save costs instead of having to pay for two separate services. For example, if you pay $80 for a chip repair and then need a windshield replacement, a lot of auto glass companies will deduct the $80 from your final windshield costs.

Insurance Policies

Unless you were in a crash and have collision coverage, many insurance companies will not cover the cost of windshield repair due to flying debris or whether hazards like sleet. To help save costs on auto glass repair, it's important to look into the finer details of your policy.

Glass repairs are often covered under a comprehensive coverage package. In this package, it's not only important to look at the auto glass coverage, but specifically what windows are covered. For example, some policies may only have coverage that is applied to driver and passenger side windows. The type of damage to a window is important too. There may be different coverages for debris and a break-in to the vehicle.

By adding these coverages to your insurance and getting a low deductible, you have the ability to save a lot on out of pocket costs for the auto glass services. It's important to file a claim and many auto glass companies can help with this process.

Auto Glass Service Plans

Aside from insurance, it's a good idea to look into other companies that offer auto glass service plans. By paying a monthly or annual fee, your auto glass protection can be covered. Often, an auto glass company may offer these plans or they can be designated through a third-party company. This will help you get fast and reliable service without having to pay straight out of pocket or incurring unexpected costs for your auto repair.

Being prepared can go a long way in saving money and delivering the results you want. Read more about this issue by visiting a specialist's website.