Tips For Optimizing Your Dumpster Rental For Your Remodeling Project

If you're planning a pre-summer remodel, one of the best ways to manage all of the debris from the project is by renting a dumpster. Before you do, though, it's important to understand how to make the most of that unit. For example, for those new to using dumpsters for projects like these, you need to know how to fill the dumpster safely. Otherwise, you risk having a dumpster that's overflowing, unbalanced or possibly unstable. Here are some tips to help you maximize your dumpster use without sacrificing the stability of the dumpster.

Don't Exceed Waste Capacity

One of the biggest mistakes you can make with a rented dumpster is to overfill it. Especially in the case of a roll-off dumpster, where the company takes the entire dumpster and replaces it with an empty one, this is a serious concern. In most places, the company cannot legally transport the container if the waste inside is piled beyond the top rails.

Filling your dumpster that high would pose a safety risk to people on the road, because it is difficult to properly secure the dumpster contents when it's that full. If something flies out of the dumpster and strikes a car or causes an accident, the dumpster rental company may hold you liable for that.

Avoid this risk and the chance that the company will refuse to take your dumpster by ensuring that the container is never filled beyond that top rail. Call for an early pickup if the container fills up faster than you expect it to. By keeping the waste below the top rail, it provides space for the dumpster rental company to cover the unit securely for transport.

Stack Waste Carefully

Dumping all of the waste material to one side of the dumpster is a sure-fire way to create an unbalanced waste container. Instead, make an effort to distribute the weight evenly across the entire container. Not only does this keep the weight of the waste material evenly spread, but it also makes it easier to optimize your space.

Any large items should be broken down into manageable pieces before throwing them away. For example, things like entertainment centers, reinforced cardboard containers and similar items should be torn apart before being disposed of. Otherwise, you waste a lot of space in the dumpster from the hollow areas inside the items. Make the most of your dumpster space by flattening things and breaking down furniture pieces.

Be Attentive to Waste Restrictions

Any time you rent a dumpster, you'll find that the company has certain restrictions on what you can dispose of. Always ask for a complete copy of the waste restrictions from the company that you're renting from, otherwise you risk having the company refuse to transport a dumpster that's full of things they cannot dispose of.

For example, most dumpster rental companies won't accept things like paint, many household chemicals and other hazardous materials. Things like automotive batteries, used motor oil or antifreeze should be taken to a local auto parts store for proper recycling. Other household waste that isn't accepted should be taken to your local transfer station for disposal. You may have to pay an additional fee, but it is the best way to ensure that things are disposed of properly.

Using a dumpster rental can make any home remodeling project easier. It helps to keep your property cleaner by providing somewhere for all of the waste to go. Understanding how to optimize your use of this dumpster will make the whole process easier. Talk with your local dumpster rental company, such as Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal Service Inc, today to see what your options are.