4 Ways To Infuse French Drains Into Your Landscape

If you're constantly dealing with water build-up or flooding basements, one of the ideal solutions is a French drain. A French drain system is installed deep in the ground and provides a water run-off away from the home. These systems can help prevent flooding and foundation damage, but they can be an eyesore when installed on your property. To help blend a French drain into your home, you can consult with contractors on different installation methods and designs. By setting up these ideas ahead of time, it will make it easier to plan out the drain layout and installation process.

Garden Edges

A French drain system is typically filled with gravel and covered with small stones to create a pattern that follows the whole drainage pipe. As the layout of the pipe is planned for your yard, you can plan the design so that is creates natural garden edges. Stone-lined garden edges are a great way to define the garden on your property. As you tend to the garden each day, you can trim and cut areas so that the garden stays within its contained area. The use of the French drain area as a garden edge creates a unique look and is easy to maintain. This is ideal for gardens that are planted right near the exterior of the home. As the drainage system starts near a basement or edge of the home, it can easily extend to wrap around a garden border.

Stone Path Walkways

French drainage systems often run right to a road or sewer system for easy drainage. The natural path that is created can also be used a footpath to reach the entry point of your home. When the stone and gravel already in place, you can add a few upgrades to really make it stand out. For example, you can place large stepping stones over the smaller stones. This makes it easier to travel across and adds stability to the path area. The area can also be flattened down so that you can add stone pavers to the top. The pavers provide a complete walking area that is easy to navigate and use on a daily basis. It can create a nice path for you to travel down your property for the daily mail or newspaper. The edges of the walkway can be lined with solar powered light for easy visibility during nights or overcast days. This can help prevent tripping or stumbling over the rocky terrain.

Rock Gardens

If you're looking for something a little more lively than rocks, then you can consider planting rock gardens in the trench path. There are numerous plants and flowers that can grow and stay healthy on rock areas. This allows you to add bits of color and design to your rock garden. For example, the Rock Cress flower is a vivid white flower with a yellow center. These flowers can be planted across the whole drain to create a unique visual on your landscaping. Browse through different rock flower designs to see what ones match the rest of your home landscaping.

Holiday Decorations

The stone areas on top of a French drain are great places for a variety of holiday decorations. For example, during the Fourth of July, you can stick and display American flags in a pattern across the whole drainage path. Small holiday garden statues for other holidays can easily be displayed on the path as well. This includes reindeer for Christmas or a scary critter for Halloween. The edges of the path can be lined with LED lights to create a fun visual for holidays like Halloween or Christmas.

Contractors can work with your property to help set up a drainage system that flows nicely with your landscaping. Visit websites like http://www.permadrywaterproofing.com/ for more information.