Overlooking Heating System Tune-Ups Is Not Wise — Here’s Why

Are you like many other property owners who ignore their heating systems until the systems show signs that they need to be repaired? If so, the following should help you to understand why heating maintenance is important. Even one skipped winter of maintenance can cause significant problems for you and your heating system.

Dirt Removal

Dirt can accumulate on different parts of your heating system such as the blower blades. This buildup can negatively impact efficiency, which can cause higher heating costs. It can also result in the dirt in one area of the system spreading to other areas where it may be more difficult to clean. Your tune-up will likely include cleaning away dirt, dust, and other debris. 

Equipment Failure

Each time that a property owner postpones getting their heating system tuned up, they are taking a risk that it will malfunction when they need it most. The issue with postponing is serious because there are many people who make the same mistake. This means that during the brink of winter, HVAC contractors may receive numerous calls related to property owners not having heat. You might be one of many people inconvenienced by the spikes in their call volumes.


If your furnace does not have proper airflow, it may run hotter. This can impact efficiency. It may also cause damage to your heating system because some of the heated air that should be blowing out and warming your home will be trapped inside of your heating system. 

Lethal Gas

If you have a heating system that is powered by gas, you need to be concerned about carbon monoxide risks. This is a gas that you cannot smell, and it can leak from gas-powered appliances. During a heating system tune-up, HVAC contractors will check your heating system for potential carbon monoxide leaks and repair them. They will also check to ensure that carbon monoxide detectors are working if you have them installed. If you do not, the contractors can explain the benefits of having them installed. For example, these devices detect carbon monoxide in the same manner that smoke detectors detect smoke, and they can save lives. 

If you have any doubts or don't understand the importance of heating system tune-ups, an HVAC contractor is a good resource to use. They can also help you to determine if previous habits of neglect have already affected your heating system. This information can help them to determine if any existing damages are placing you at risk for a heating system replacement in the near future.