Simple Home Lighting Repairs That Save You Money And Energy

There are many different electrical repairs that you may need to do in your home. Some of the repairs can help to save you money and reduce your electricity bills. You want to be able to do things like change lighting fixtures or install simple lighting solutions. Here are some of the lighting repairs that you may want to do to save money and reduce your electricity bills:

1.Installing Solar Powered Solutions for Exteriors and Landscaping

Today, there are many ways you can integrate solar power into the design of your home. Lighting is a good area to focus on solar power, but conventional solar panels on the roof and electrical wiring is not something that you will want to do on your home. What you can do on your own to add solar energy to your home is exterior lighting. There are various types of kits that can be used, which include lights with small solar cells and batteries built-in. If you want more for your exterior lighting design, consider using a small solar panel like the ones that are used for pond pumps to power LED low-voltage lighting in your landscaping.

2. Changing A Standard Light Fixture for Modern Models with Energy Efficient Designs

Sometimes, the light fixtures in your home may be outdated, and they may need to be replaced due to failure or you may want to use newer modern light fixtures that have an energy efficient design. To change the light fixtures in your home, you will first want to turn off power to the light. Remove the old light from its mount and take a few photos of the wiring. If your new light has a different mount, fasten it where the new fixture is going to be installed. Use the photos you took as a reference to install the new fixture. For complicated wiring like lights with multiple switches and dimmer controls, it is best to have a residential electrician do the job for you.

3. Installing Strip Lighting with LED Technology To Reduce Energy Consumption

Another improvement that you may want to consider for your lighting design is strips or rope lighting. You can use LED strip lighting in areas like kitchens for under cabinet lighting. It can also be a good solution for back lighting hidden in trim or other interior features. The good thing about rope lighting is that it will help reduce the energy consumption of lighting in your home.

If you want to be able to do some improvements to the electrical systems in your home, the lighting improvements are a good place to start with. You can contact an electrical contractor to help with some of the electrical upgrades that you will not be able to do on your own.