How To Make Your Brick Wall Look Red And Colorful Again

Is your brick exterior looking a bit drab and gray, rather than red and bright? This is often due to a combination of dirt accumulation and fading from the sunshine. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to restore the look of your brick exterior, making it look red, vibrant, and new again. This process will likely take a whole weekend or two, and you will need the help of a few friends. Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Spray the brick down.

If you have a power washer with adjustable pressure, you can use that to spray off the brick. Turn it to the lowest possible pressure setting. If your power washer only has one setting, it may be too powerful, so you'll want to avoid using it so you don't ruin the brick. Instead, use your regular garden hose and give your brick wall a thorough spray-down. 

If you see any areas where the brick is covered with mold and algae, use a brush to scrub these areas. Only spread until the mold or algae is gone; too much scrubbing may damage the brick.

Once the brick is fully clean, give it at least a day to dry; two days is even better.

Step 2: Apply brick stain.

You can find a product called "brick stain" at most home improvement stores. It's not a paint; it will not completely cover the outside of your bricks, but it will soak into them and bring back a bit of their color.

Use a stiff paintbrush to apply the stain to your bricks one at a time. Be careful not to get the stain on the mortar between the bricks. It's often easiest to start at the top of the exterior wall and work your way down. Have a friend hold the base of the ladder for you so it does not slip.

Step 3: Apply sealer.

Let the brick stain dry for a day. Then, you can begin to apply sealer. This will brighten the brick up a little more, and it will also keep it from becoming discolored again. When applying the sealer, you don't have to be as careful as with the stain; it's okay to get it on the mortar. Use a sponge brush to apply the sealer as this will result in a thicker, more even coat. As with the stain, start at the top of the wall and work your way down.

For more information, you will want to contact a company such as Brick & Mortar Restoration.