How To Patch Asphalt With Cold Formula Mixtures

Working on your asphalt might seem intimidating. The work is dirty, but asphalt is actually fairly easy to work with. If you have the right products and supplies, you can easily patch just about any blemish or hole in your asphalt. This is important because even small holes in an asphalt surface can become bigger and more problematic over time. It is always better to use affodable, over-the-counter products to fix small asphalt problems as opposed to having to use expensive, industrial tools and supplies to fix large problems.

Use A Cold Formula Patch Mixture

Cold formula asphalt patch is the best product for most small residential jobs. You can find it premixed or in powder form. Powder form is definitely the way to go because you will be able to use it for many years. The premixed formulas, even if they are kept in the original tub and sealed, are likely to dry out over time. All you have to do to activate the powder formula is add a specified amount of water and mix it together. This extra step is definitely worth the extra time because you will probably need more patch in the future. It is also the best value.

Tools for Patching

A plastic trowel or large putty knife is the best tool for applying the patch. If you use a metal tool, it could scrape the asphalt. Also, a metal blade isn't as flexible, so it won't be as responsive on the uneven asphalt surface. When applying the asphalt patch, consider wearing kneepads so you can work comfortably and reduce the stress on your body.

If you have ever patched a drywall surface, patching asphalt shouldn't be much more difficult. Asphalt patch is sticky and gooey, so expect to get a little messy doing the job. If you wear disposable latex gloves, it is much easier to manage the mess. You want to be liberal when applying the asphalt patch. For the strongest patch in cracks, make sure that it goes over the top of the crack. That is, don't just fill in the crack. If the patch extends to the top of the asphalt, it will create a stronger bond than if it is just inside the crack.

If you have the right tools and supplies, patching asphalt is a simple job. If you don't use the right products, it can be a pain. Contact a residential asphalt company to learn more.