What To Know About Getting A Gas Fireplace For Your Home

If you love the warmth and ambiance from a fireplace but hate the labor associated with it, then you should look into getting a gas model. If you already have one that burns wood, you can get an insert and convert it to gas. If you don't have a fireplace yet, then you can install a gas fireplace anywhere because no chimney is needed. Here are some things to know about getting a gas fireplace.

Why Choose Gas?

Gas fireplaces are very easy to use. You can adjust the height of the flames and the amount of heat it puts out by dialing a thermostat. A gas fireplace heats your home well and it also provides a nice atmosphere. They look just like traditional wood fireplaces. The logs are made of ceramic, but they are fashioned from real wood molds, so they look realistic. Even the flames look real as they dance and emit embers. You have all these benefits without the fuss of chopping wood, cleaning up ashes, and dealing with the odor of smoke. A gas fireplace can go anywhere in your home, and you can also install one easily outdoors to use when you entertain or want to be soothed by a relaxing fire.

What To Think About When You Buy A Gas Fireplace

You have some options when you look at fireplaces for sale. First, you'll want to decide on the fire output you need. You figure this by considering the square footage of the room you want to heat along with the climate in your area or your BTU zone. When you shop for your fireplace, you should ask for help calculating the size you need by providing the area of the floor and the height of the ceiling. The sales staff can use that information along with your local BTU zone to help you choose the best fireplace when it comes to heat output.

Another choice is whether you'll buy a vented fireplace. They don't need a chimney, but they do need to be vented to the outside. You can buy a gas fireplace that doesn't need to be vented instead. This type is very convenient because you can hang it on the wall like a picture. However, they have some dangers associated with them and they are prohibited in some areas.

You can also choose log alternatives if you don't want a realistic look. For instance, you can buy fake burning coals, stones, or even tempered glass. These work the same way as the fireplaces that use ceramic logs; they just give your room a unique touch.

How To Install A Gas Fireplace

You can connect the fireplace to natural gas if you have it available on your property. It is probably the best choice, since it is the least expensive. If you don't have access to it, you can power your fireplace with propane instead. As you can imagine, this is work that should be done by a professional to ensure the safety of your family. If you buy an insert, the installation is pretty straightforward since the insert sits inside your current fireplace.

However, if you want a built-in fireplace, then you'll need to be prepared to pay a higher price, since the fireplace will be set into the wall. You can buy the fireplace you love and then hire a professional to safely install it in the location you wish. Then, you'll be all set to relax in the warmth of a dancing fire and unwind from the stress of the day. Contact a company like Sleepy Hollow Stove & Fireplace to learn more.