Live In A Mild Climate? Build A Deck That You Can Use Year-Round

When you live in a climate with scorching summers or freezing winters, you might not spend much time outside during these seasons. Remodeling your home with an outdoor feature may not be as appealing because you will not be able to enjoy it throughout the year. But, when you live in a mild climate, you can build a deck and feel confident enough about being able to spend time on it all year long. It is helpful to consider certain details while having such a deck built to maximize your enjoyment of this feature:

Add Overhead Coverage

While the climate may be mild, there will still be warm and sunny days, especially during summertime. It is helpful to add overhead coverage to the deck as this will prevent you from needing to put sunscreen on every time you want to go outside and spend more than thirty minutes or so on the deck. Since you may not want to spend most of your time standing underneath the shade, you should make sure that you add some overhead coverage where you intend on placing at least part of the outdoor seating area.

Combine the Indoors

A mild climate gives you a lot of opportunities compared to living in a less consistent environment. For instance, you can make it a primary feature to incorporate the inside with the outside. An excellent way to make this happen is by adding French doors as the entrance to the deck. On a wonderful day, you can just keep the French doors open and let the fresh air flow in while you enjoy both spaces. If you want to open things up even more, you can install a sliding glass door and open it all the way on certain days.

Think About Crowd Size

It is important to think about what kind of crowd size you will be expecting on most days. You do not want to build a deck only to realize that it will not be able to house everyone you want to entertain. This is when you will want to put some thought into the maximum number of people you intend on having over. Then you can discuss this with deck professionals to figure out the right measurements for the deck.

Building a deck that you can enjoy all year long is not challenging when you live in a mild climate, but taking these details into consideration will have you enjoying the finished product to the fullest. Check out a website like for more information and assistance.