Tips for Creating the Ideal Concrete Foundation Under Your Steel Building

If you want a steel building erected on your property, then it is a good idea to invest in a properly installed slab or foundation. To create this foundation and to ensure that the steel building remains strong and sturdy for some time, read through the following tips.

Choose the Right Type of Foundation

Most people will opt for concrete foundations and there are a few different varieties that you can pick from. This depends on your needs, what you want in terms of a floor, and how much you would like to spend on the foundation. The two most common foundation options include a floating slab and a footing beam slab.

If you want a dirt floor and limited concrete, then a grade beam option is a good choice. This consists of a concrete beam that sits underneath every load-bearing wall. These beams are supported by piles and a pile cap may sit along each corner. This type of foundation is very similar to a more traditional type of footing and beam foundation. However, instead of distributing weight along the entire surface of the ground, weight is retained along each pile. This is ideal, especially if the ground is soft or if the building is large and heavy.

The other foundation option is the floating slab. This construction is one where concrete is poured over the dirt ground and forms are placed on the earth to contain the concrete. These types of foundations help to create a solid floor where weight is distributed across the entire surface. The floating floors are easy to create and pour and they are ideal for steel buildings that more enclosed for vehicle storage or other purposes.

Allow the Foundation to Cure

A steel building can be placed fairly quickly on a concrete foundation. However, you want it to fully cure before you build anything on the surface. While concrete does have different cure rates based on the sand, water, and gravel used to create the mixture, you typically want to wait about one week for the concrete to cure. 

If the weather is humid or if you feel like the concrete has not cured completely, then wait 10 days before installation of the steel building. You can typically tell if the concrete needs more time to harden based on the feel when you place your hand on the surface. If it is cool to the touch, then it probably needs a bit more time. 

Also, before you begin your install, use a level to make sure the foundation is level. Sometimes concrete can shift to one side as it settles. Use additional concrete to smooth out and level the surface. 

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