Dealing With Damaged Or Malfunctioning Doors

In any commercial property, there are doors that you need to be able to open and close properly. If you operate a retail business, it is important that the doors work to let customers in, and while these may be the first that come to mind, there are more than likely other doors that you need to be able to open and close as well. Keeping the doors working properly important but if one is damaged, getting it fixed right away is equally important.

The Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

The best way to avoid a problem with the doors in your business opening and closing properly is to maintain them well. Because they have moving parts that can stick or jam, it is important that you keep the moving parts well lubricated and clean. Old oil or lubricants can mix with dirt and dust and become a sticky mess on the lock, hinges, and latch of a door so taking the time to clean and lubricate the door once a month or so is a good idea. Use a solvent or cleaner that will break down the lubricant. Spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe the old lubricant off with a rag or cloth. Once the old lubricant has been removed, a fresh coating of lubricant can be applied to the lock other moving parts of the door.

Replacing Damaged Doors

If you have a door that is damaged to the point that it cannot be easily repaired, it is often better to get a new one to replace it with. Because commercial doors are designed to be heavy and withstand a lot of abuse, the door that is no longer working may be more costly to repair than replace. The parts are not always easily removed and replaced but before making a decision, have a commercial door company come out and inspect the door. They can then give you an estimate for repairing and replacing the damaged door. You might want to have several companies give you a price because there can be some variation in the costs from one company to another.

Overhead or Roll-Up Doors

Often used on loading docks or delivery areas, overhead doors can be damaged if they are hit with a truck or a forklift bur an industrial roll-up door is much more resilient to that. The roll-up door is typically made from steel. They offer more strength, better security for your business, and more durability than a standard overhead door and don't require a lot of maintenance. If you are considering replacing a damaged overhead door, a roll-up door can be a much better option for your business.

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