3 Ways Your Law Office Decor Should Project Excellence

When clients come to a law office, they're seeking help with serious and potentially life-changing matters. Your office should demonstrate that you respect them, that they can trust your services, and that your aid will be worth their efforts. 

How can your office decor say these things? Here are three ways to make it happen.

Use Colors

Effective use of color isn't primarily about what you personally find appealing. It's more about the message being sent. Use color theory to find the best scheme to paint walls, ceilings, trim, and flooring.

How can you apply color theory? Red, for instance, is an energetic and angry color. So, it may be off-putting in a serious law environment. Green, though, is an excellent base color for attorneys because it reflects nature and the environment as well as wealth and prestige. Deep green shades give a feeling of abundance and excellence. Dark blues, too, often have a calming effect and give off a trustworthy vibe. 

Display Credentials

Another way to present yourself as an expert in your field is to display mementos for clients to peruse. Your diplomas and law degree should be prominently displayed in a framed setting in full view of clients. In addition, display related achievements, such as positive press coverage or information about a few successful and high profile cases. Do you participate in any volunteer activities — either for the community in general or for legal services? Then show off a few photos or mementos from these.

The point of displaying things like these isn't to "blow your own horn" but to demonstrate to clients what you value and how you've enriched the lives of others. Curate what you display by asking yourself how each item contributes to the goal of showing your firm's values and diverse experience. 

Keep it Minimal

A disorganized, cluttered waiting area and offices sends the wrong message to clients. It makes you appear disorganized and random in all areas of your practice — not exactly confidence-inspiring for new clients. And a messy waiting room can make clients feel anxious rather than calmed while they sit. 

Take a minimalist approach to all your decorating choices — from a simple wall paint palette to a minimum of decorate artwork in the waiting room. Then, all staff should perform a weekly cleaning session to put their work spaces back in order and remove anything that doesn't serve a purpose. 

Ready to give your law office an upgrade so that it puts your firm's best face forward? Start with a paint scheme makeover and talk to an experienced commercial painter today, such as at APC Services of New England.