Reasons You Should Think Twice About Installing Gutters Yourself

Do-it-yourself projects have taken off, thanks to the wonderful tutorials and instructions you can find online. While there are many positives to this, there are a few negatives as well. Some projects look simpler than they are on tutorials, and/or the tutorials do not fully illustrate the downsides to completing a project yourself. One such project is gutters. If you are thinking about installing gutters on your home yourself, you may want to think twice. Here are a few of the reasons why. 

You Likely Don't Have the Right Tools to Complete the Job

One of the reasons why you may want to reconsider installing gutters yourself is because you likely do not have the right tools to complete the job. It is important that your gutters are cut to the correct size to ensure proper coverage. This requires a gutter cutting tool, such as a gutter outlet saw and gutter crimpers. From there, you need special tools to hang the gutters, such as gutter outlet punches, gutter nail drivers and gutter screw guides. These are not tools that the average person has on hand, and it can be costly to purchase these tools just to install your own gutters. 

Improperly Installing Gutters Can Damage Multiple Parts of Your Home

Another reason why you should think twice before installing gutters yourself is because you can cause a lot of damage by improperly installing gutters. Gutters are important to the well-being of several elements of your home, including your roof, siding and foundation. The troughs collect water and guide it away from your home, so these items are not damaged. If your gutters are the wrong size, positioned at the wrong angle, or are not adhered to the side of your home correctly, they may be unable to do their job, causing damage to items the gutters are supposed to protect. 

You May Void the Gutters' Warranty Installing Them Yourself

The final reason why you may not want to install gutters yourself is because you may void any warranty that the gutters come with by installing them yourself. Most warranties are only valid when the gutters are installed by a licensed or certified gutter installation company. 

Do you need new gutters installed on your home? A gutter installation company can properly install the gutters, ensuring they offer all of the benefits that they are designed to, while also protecting your gutter's warranty. Contact a gutter installation company like Mr.Gutter, LLC to learn more about the various types of gutters that are offered, and to get an estimate.