Moved To An Older Home And Sewer Wasn’t Maintained Properly? 3 Ways A Sewer Cleaning Company Can Help You

If you moved to a newer home and have found out the sewer was not taken care of properly, you will need to ensure it is in good condition. The best way to do this is to hire a professional sewer cleaning company to come to your home. Below are three things this company will do to get the sewer system working well for you.

Check the Drainfield

The drainfield is directly above the septic system. If the ground here wet and muddy, this is a sign the septic system is overflowing. In a case like this, the sewer cleaning company will have to pump the septic tank.

When your septic tank is working properly, solids and liquids are separated as these things go through the pipes. The bottom layer is the solid, the liquid layer is next, and the top layer is known as sludge. If these layers overfill, the solids, liquid, and sludge will spill out of the tank and find its way to the ground above. This results in a stinky mess that will be impossible for you to take care of on your own.

Check for Blockages

The sewer company will then check for blockages. In order to do this, they will remove a cap on a sewer pipe. This cap may be screwed off by hand or a tool may be needed to open the cap. Once the cap is open, a plumber will use an auger to determine if there is a clog.

The plumber can also use a camera to place down into the pipe if the clog is deeper into the pipe. This camera will project an image on a display the plumber will carry. This will allow the plumber to see where the clog is, as well as to see what the clog is made of.

The company first removes the cap from a plumbing pipe. From here, they can remove any clogs that are in the pipe.

Clean the Sewer

Once the company pumps the sewer, they will thoroughly clean it for you. This includes cleaning the sides and bottom.  Hydrojetting is often used to do this, which is using high pressure hoses that have a special nozzle. The host connects to a pump that directs water through nozzle. The water comes out forcefully to clean the sides and bottom of the septic tank. The jets even do a good job of cleaning stuck on debris that may be very hard and difficult to remove on your own.

When finished, the company will put a bacteria pill in the tank. This is because it is important that there be some bacteria in the septic tank to kill contaminates. After cleaning, the bacteria may be removed.

Talk with the sewer cleaning company that you hire about this information and they can give you many more details.