The Basics Of Well Pump Problems

As a homeowner who is new to dealing with a well infrastructure, it's important that you understand what your well and its pump are trying to tell you on a daily basis. The more you know about the warning signs of well pump problems, the easier it is for you to address the issues before they leave you without water completely. Here are some things you should be attentive to and address.

Water Condition

The condition of the water flowing from your faucets is an important consideration. If previouosly clean water is starting to flow dirty, that's a sign that your well pump is drawing dirt into the lines. Dirt running through the pump can lead to abrasive damage and dirt accumulation inside the pump and the plumbing system.

You'll need to have the well and the pump inspected by a repair technician. The pump could be drawing sand because the water level in the well is too low, or there could be a contamination problem in the well. Alternatively, the placement of the pump may be too low in the well, causing it to draw from the very bottom.

If the pump has accumulated sand inside, it may need to be either serviced or replaced. The sooner you address it, the better. It may help you avoid complete pump failure.

Water Flow

Your water should flow consistently through your faucets. If you notice that your faucets are sputtering, that's a sign that there's air in the lines. If your pump is working intermittently, it could be leading to air pockets in the water flow. You'll have to call a well pump repair technician to assess the pump's condition. Whether the pump is worn and struggling or there's a mechanical component malfunctioning, the sooner you get it addressed, the more consistent the flow.


Most people give very little thought to their well pump unless the water flow is interrupted, but there are other things that you should be attentive to. Your well pump is located outside the house, so you may not often hear any sounds from it. However, you should monitor the well pump's operation periodically, walking out toward your well when the water is running in the house so that you can hear how it's running. If you hear any unusual sounds from the well, that's a key indicator of a mechanical problem. You'll need to have a pump repair technician come out and inspect the pump to determine the source of the issue.

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