Control Tips For 3 Common Pests Found In Stables & Indoor Riding Arenas

If you own a horse stable or an indoor riding arena, you may be dealing with pests in your facility. Pests, particularly pigeons, rodents, and barn swallows, like to nest in stables and indoor riding arenas, because they provide shelter and food. Here are a few important things to know about these pests in your facility and how you can control their populations.  Pigeons  Pigeons in your facility may pose health risks to you and your horses. Read More 

How To Install Door Return Air Grilles To Balance Your Home’s Air Pressure

Your home's central air conditioning and heating system will operate with a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness if the air pressure is equalized throughout the house. Uneven air pressure causes the system to work harder, and it can also lead to stagnant air which makes the space less comfortable for occupants. Below is how you can install return air grilles in your home's wood doors to preserve proper airflow and equalize pressure: Read More 

The Ultimate Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a season of transition in terms of your HVAC system. At the beginning of fall, you may still be using your air conditioner, but by the end of the season, chances are good that you'll be heating your home. It's important that during this time, you do some preventative maintenance on both components of your system so that your heater functions well all winter and your AC is in good shape when spring comes. Read More 

Common Misconceptions About Patio Doors

Many people admit that they love the look of patio doors, but they have concerns about security, safety and energy efficiency. The clever design and sturdy build of most modern patio doors make them a great choice for many homes, if you can look past a few mistaken beliefs. Here are some common misconceptions that people have about patio doors, and the truth about each one. Misconception: Patio doors are not secure Read More 

Plumbing Supplies You’ll Need Before You Replace Your Old, Leaking Toilet

Your old, leaking toilet has finally gotten on your last nerve. After sopping up countless gallons of leaking water from your toilet's leaking tank, water line, or bowl, you've finally chosen to set aside the upcoming weekend to replace your toilet. To make this do-it-yourself job as easy as possible, make sure you have these plumbing supplies on hand before you begin getting your hands dirty. Plumber's Tape Your plumbing system and toilet has multiple connection points that will leak water if they're not completely airtight. Read More