What Types Of Commercial Air Conditioning Units Are Available For Your Business

Keeping your business cool is important for happy employees. If your current commercial air conditioning unit isn't working at full capacity and you are considering replacing it, check out these four common systems. Learn about each type to determine which is best for your business. Split-System A split-system air conditioning unit consists of two units. The indoor unit is the air handling unit, and it contains the cooling coil, supply air fan and the expansion device. Read More 

Prevent Fire Damage From These 3 Hidden Dangers

More than 12,500 people are injured in fires each year, and property-loss amounts can reach $7.3 billion. Most people are aware of the more common causes of fires like space heaters, candles, cigarettes, and cooking hazards. But some threats are a little less obvious. The good news is you don't have to be a statistic. Here is more info on three hidden fire hazards you may not be aware of, and what you can do to keep your home and loved ones safe. Read More 

5 Money-Saving Tips For Auto Glass Repair

A cracked or chipped windshield can not only hinder your driving, but it can result in fines if you are operating the hazardous vehicle on the road. Replacing or repairing the windows on your car can be a huge investment. Instead of paying for everything at full cost, there are plenty of ways to save money and get the best deals possible. The next time you need to auto glass service, consider the following five money-saving tips that will make the costs a lot easier to handle. Read More 

Using Essential Oils For Pest Control

Essential oils are commonly used to inspire health and well being in humans, but they can also be used to control unwanted pests. Greenmedinfo.com has reported on effectively controlling insects in the garden with essential oils. After you've called companies like Desert Pest Control, you can use essential oils to get rid of critters that have invaded your home while you're waiting.  Ants There's very little that's quite so repulsive as a parade of ants marching into your kitchen after a rain. Read More