How To Install Door Return Air Grilles To Balance Your Home’s Air Pressure

Your home's central air conditioning and heating system will operate with a higher level of efficiency and effectiveness if the air pressure is equalized throughout the house. Uneven air pressure causes the system to work harder, and it can also lead to stagnant air which makes the space less comfortable for occupants. Below is how you can install return air grilles in your home's wood doors to preserve proper airflow and equalize pressure: Read More 

The Ultimate Fall HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a season of transition in terms of your HVAC system. At the beginning of fall, you may still be using your air conditioner, but by the end of the season, chances are good that you'll be heating your home. It's important that during this time, you do some preventative maintenance on both components of your system so that your heater functions well all winter and your AC is in good shape when spring comes. Read More 

What You Should Know About Automatic Garage Door Sensors

The sensors on automatic garage doors prevent them from causing serious injury or damage. Without them, you could close your garage door only to realize too late that something or someone was in the way. If you have an automatic garage door, you should familiarize yourself with the sensors, so check out these five important facts. The Sensors Are Designed to Prevent Injury and Damage Garage doors are heavy, and they are under a lot of tension, making them a potential hazard. Read More 

4 Things To Consider When Buying New Windows

If you're in the market for new windows, your head is probably spinning at the sheer variety of choices and options awaiting you. Without some guidance and foreknowledge, it can be all to easy to buy the wrong products for your needs. Here are four basic considerations you should always keep in mind during your window-shopping adventures. 1. Operable vs. Fixed Some windows move, and some don't. Which kind you select will depend on such factors as the window's size, intended use, location and cost. Read More 

Does Your Electrical Panel Need An Upgrade?

Most people don't give their electrical panel a second thought until a circuit trips and they need to go turn the power back on. While, for the most part, this is just fine, you still need to evaluate its condition every few years and determine if it is time for an upgrade. How Old Is The Panel? If your home was built before 1974 it is likely you will need the panel replaced, if it hasn't been already. Read More