How Can You Minimize Your Home Salon’s Effect On Your Septic Tank?

If you're a beautician or hairdresser by trade, you may be tired of giving up a portion of your profits to a salon in exchange for chair rental -- particularly if your rental terms are subject to the unpredictable whims of the salon owner, causing you to have to reschedule appointments or turn down new clients. In some cases, paying to construct your own home salon can boost your business in the long run, helping you privately serve your loyal clientele and maintain flexibility. Read More 

Colder Temperatures: Improving The Efficiency And Safety Of Propane Use In Your Business

If you have several industrial propane tanks on your work site, whether they are used as heating fuel or to power any industrial vehicles, you need to prevent your tanks from freezing during the winter months if they are stored outside. Preventing freezing helps to improve efficiency and keep your employees safe. Here are some things to consider: 1. Propane tank heaters. Propane heaters are like specially fitted electric blankets for your tanks that will help to keep the internal content at an optimum temperature. Read More 

Sewer Line Snag Or Drain Dilemma? Here’s How To Tell The Difference

If your home's wastewater is outstaying its welcome, you can be forgiven for wishing for the "good old days" of outhouses, wash buckets and chamber pots. You're most likely looking at one of two problems -- a clogged drain (which you may be able to fix yourself) or a malfunctioning sewer line (which requires the aid of a professional plumber). Here are some ways to tell which problem is plaguing your home. Read More 

How To Troubleshoot Your Stud Welding System

A stud welding system is useful to any workshop, whether it is for an industrial or an amateur usage, to weld bolts or fasteners onto a metal part. From the building of a luxury cruising ship to the assembly of an electrical panel, stud welding has a lot of applications. Yours may be automated or in the shape of a gun, or you may have a sophisticated stud welding system that fits the high productivity of your plant. Read More 

2 Ways To Resurface Your Brick Indoor Fireplace

If your brick indoor fireplace is old or in need of an update, there are several ways you can give it a new look. Here are two ideas with instructions to help you transform the look of your fireplace. Cover Your Brick Fireplace with Stone With a little work and effort, you can cover your fireplace's old brick facade. First, select the type of stone you want to use to cover the brick with. Read More