3 Reasons You Will Need A Well-Functioning Water Heater This Winter

The freezing temperatures this winter might bring you chapped skin and numb fingers when you are outdoors, but you shouldn't have to be cold when you are indoors. Here are three reasons you need a working water heater to make your winter a much warmer experience. Floor Radiant Heat Using your hot water heater to heat the radiant heat tubes in your home's floor is a great way to heat your home. Read More 

3 Tips For Planing Your Next Roofing Project

Roofing maintenance and replacement is one of those projects that homeowners often attempt to do themselves. While at first glance a roofing project seems easy to do, it takes some planning and preparation to make sure the job goes smoothly. Keep reading to learn a few tips on how to properly and thoroughly plan out your next roofing project: Check Local Building Codes Before you do anything, you need to visit your town hall or city hall and obtain the current building codes that pertain to roofing. Read More 

5 Reasons Your Garage Door May Not Open

When you have a manual garage door, you don't have to worry about motor malfunctions, however, they can be difficult to raise and lower, especially if your have health problems such as chronic pain. While electric overhead doors make it easier to get in and out of your garage, they may malfunction. Although there are certain things you can do yourself that will restore your door to its proper working order, you may need to call a garage door repair professional to diagnose the problem. Read More 

Got A Skylight Leak? Factors To Consider When Deciding Whether To Repair Or Replace

A leak is one of the most common problems one may experience with their skylight. If yours is leaking, you need to take action to fix the problem promptly. Water that leaks through the skylight can cause damage to the wooden structure that holds the light in place. In some cases, you may want to have the skylight repaired to fix the leaking. In other cases, you may simply want to replace the entire structure. Read More 

Using Essential Oils For Pest Control

Essential oils are commonly used to inspire health and well being in humans, but they can also be used to control unwanted pests. Greenmedinfo.com has reported on effectively controlling insects in the garden with essential oils. After you've called companies like Desert Pest Control, you can use essential oils to get rid of critters that have invaded your home while you're waiting.  Ants There's very little that's quite so repulsive as a parade of ants marching into your kitchen after a rain. Read More